In lieu of a neatly wrapped conclusion: your team may have more than four!

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Sometimes in programming there’s what we call a code smell. It’s a few lines of code that just look wrong — you don’t quite know where the rot is, but you can tell that something is off. And then you need to decide if you want to dig deeper, or roll some glue over the top and move on.

We can have the same experience in meetings too. You’re 15 minutes into a one hour grooming meeting, and there’s no chance of getting out. You don’t…

The transitive property of mathematics tells us that if some value A is greater than some value B, and if B is greater than some value C, then A must be greater than C. This is a simple mathematical premise we can all agree on.

Conway’s Law tells us that any organization that produces a “system” will ultimately end up producing a system with a structure that reflects the communications structure of the organization. …

If you’re on or have been on the technology leadership path, then you might remember that first time you were asked to design and lead a project the same way I remember it. With a whole lot of good intentions, I remember focusing on the “big picture” stuff, because leading a project makes you a “big picture” guy… measures of success, project decomposition, delivery sequence, milestones, estimates, and dependencies. Yep, along with some slick internal sales pitches for a budget and some extra padding for unknowns, the project should run smoothly as long as I do a good job on…

Am I a developer or a programmer? Maybe a code ninja or a hacker? My LinkedIn profile boldly claims I am a “technologist” — which I thought was a pretty cool career title back when I made it, and probably didn’t automatically pigeonhole me into any specific kind of role. The more time I spend writing code and maintaining systems in my career, the more I am convinced that I should rely on principles and philosophies drawn from the classical roots of engineering disciplines.

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A particularly pivotal manager and leader I had the opportunity to work with several years ago…

David Jetter

Tech guy with a business degree, I’ve worked in software engineering, QA automation, and product management. I live and work in NYC.

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